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2014: A Year in Review

New Year’s Eve is finally here. It’s crazy how fast time flies. Joel and I were talking the other day and he mentioned that nothing really happened this year. I’m not so sure I agreed, so In the spirit of the season, I decided to take a moment to reflect upon 2014. This spring, Joel surprised me with a trip to NYC for my birthday, which ended up being a food-lover’s dream! While we ate at many amazing places, it was that weekend when I first tried Shake Shack, and while we aren’t really fast food people, I’m so glad there isn’t one near us because it could be potentially dangerous! We also traveled to Nantucket for the first time this summer. What a beautiful little island. I could go back every summer and never get sick of it! That trip ended in Boston for my cousin’s wedding. What an amazing trip it was! Later in the summer, we visited Philadelphia with friends. That weekend was so memorable for us. We ate one of the most delicious meals of my life at Zahav, we finally saw one of my favorite artists in concert, and our friends got engaged! We attended their wedding in December and it was absolutely beautiful! This past year also brought many babies. All within a few weeks of each other, Joel’s sister and her husband welcomed their second son, Lucas, my best friend and her husband welcomed their first child, and my goddaughter, Charlotte, and my brother and his wife welcomed their third daughter, Magda. This past October, our little family grew too; we got a dog! We had been talking about it for a while, but just assumed that it would only be fair to get one in the summer when I was home from work, so that it could get used to being at our house and learn to be potty trained. We lucked out. On Columbus day, I took a random trip to the SPCA to fill out an application so we were on the list for when the perfect dog showed up. Little did I know that the perfect dog was already in the back waiting for me. I walked back to take a peek and found a 1 year old black lab named Willow curled up in her pen. I spent an hour outside playing with her, put her on hold so that Joel could meet her when he came home from work, and went back about 15 minutes later with Joel to spend another hour outside with her. It broke our hearts to make her spend another night in her pen, but two days later, she was home with us. She was already potty trained and she really is a great dog! All in all, 2014 really was a great year for us, our families, and our friends! I can only hope that 2015 is just as good to all of us, and to you as well! I wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year! 

While I didn’t post as much as I would have liked to this year, there were most definitely some recipes that stood out in our minds as favorites. So, as I do each year, I’d like to reflect on the food we’ve had throughout the year and share those favorites with you. What were your favorites?  

January: 15-Minute Wonton Soup. What a delicious and simple recipe. This soup has warmed us up time and time again!

Wonton soup


February: Peanut Butter Pie. A birthday request from my brother, this pie married his top two birthday flavor requests of peanut butter and Oreo! 

Peanut butter pie


March: Sriracha Turkey Meatballs. I’ve mentioned that we don’t repeat many recipes around here. This one has been made at least a half dozen times, which should say something about how delicious it is! 

Sriracha turkey meatballs


April: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. Once I learned how to properly cook it, quinoa has become one of my favorite grains. This salad is as delicious as it is easy to put together.  

Quinoa Salad


May: Homemade Shake Shack Burgers. After our trip to NYC, Joel had to go find a recipe to make Shake Shack at home. These burgers are delicious, and that sauce is to die for! 

Shake Shack Burgers


June: S’mores Scones. A bite sized taste of summer, made for my cousin’s bridal shower. These were a hit!  

Smores Scones


July: No-Knead Cinnamon Buns. A great way to start off any day!

Cinnamon buns


August: Crispy Cauliflower Tacos with Mango Salsa. We took a risk with this one and it ended up being one of the most delicious surprises of the year!

Cauliflower tacos


September: Greek Cucumber Noodles. Zucchini make a great substitute for pasta in this salad.

Cucumber noodles

October: Stovetop Applesauce. After a day of apple picking, this was a great way to use up our bounty! 



November: Sour Cream Chocolate Bundt Cake. This was one of the most moist and delicious chocolate cakes I’ve ever eaten. 

Sour Cream Chocolate Bundt


December: Chocolate Pinwheels. I don’t know what part I like more, the swirls or the taste!  

Chocolate Pinwheels


2013: A Year in Review

Well, it happened again. Another year has flown by. I feel like just yesterday I was posting my end of the year review for 2012. What can I say about 2013? For us, it was a pretty low-key year. We got pretty good at painting while we gave each room of our house a little facelift…though no room is 100% complete yet; we took another east-coast road trip and found ourselves in love with Newport, RI; we finally made it to Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca during our anniversary weekend trip; I started guitar lessons…if only I practiced I might actually be decent; and of course, we had many good times with family and friends. As I do each year, I like to take a moment to reflect on some of the recipes that we enjoyed most this past year. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014! 

January: Baked Burritos with Sour Cream Poblano Sauce. We don’t repeat too many recipes in our house, but this is one we have enjoyed many times!

Baked burrito sour cream poblano sauce

February: Tequila Lime Chicken Fajita Salad with Chili Lime Vinaigrette. While we enjoyed it in the dead of winter, it would be a great summer meal.

Chicken fajita salad

March: Cookies & Cream Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Oreo Buttercream. Inspired by a request for my brother’s birthday, I could have eaten the frosting by the spoonful!

Oreo cupcakes

April: Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles. Peanut butter and pretzels are such a great combination. Perfectly portable and pop-able snacks! 

Pb pretzel truffles

May: Mango Jalapeño Margaritas. A deliciously spicy cocktail for Cinco de Mayo, or anytime!

Mango jalapeno margerita

June: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. A delicious treat that is simple to whip up. I love to have a batch on hand for when the cravings strike.

Sugar free pb cups

July: Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread. A pretty, swirled bread that toasts up perfectly for a delicious, light breakfast.

Cinnamon raisin bread

August: Crispy Egg Noodles. Inspired by a local noodle bar, these noodles were a great alternative to a typical stir fry.

Crispy Egg Noodles

September: Chicken Yakitori Rice Bowl. Speaking of stir fry, this was delicious…perfect for a weeknight meal.

Chicken yakitori

October: Soft Pretzels. A delicious treat that freezes well. Bonus-I was finally able to cross these off my foodie bucket list! 


November: Salted Caramel Cashew Bark. Made on a whim, the sweet and salty combination was perfect.

Salted caramel cashew bark

December: Chocolate Fudge S’mores Thumbprints. One of the cookies that made it to my Christmas cookie platter. A delicious bite of summer on a cold and snowy day.

Smores thumbprints


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Something Different: Interview at Mommy Page

Back in February, I was contacted by the folks over at Mommy Page and asked if I would be willing to do an interview for their site. Even though I'm not a "mommy" I happily obliged. Today is the day the interview is finally live! Head on over to Mommy Page and check it out!






A Look Back

Another year has come and gone, and quickly at that. All in all, it was a pretty good year. We moved into our dream home in January and have been enjoying all of the "firsts" we share here; first holidays, first garden, first paint jobs, first leaking roof (well maybe we didn't enjoy that one). We've met some great people since we've moved in and we are so glad we finally have a place to call home. This past summer, Joel and I were reminded how much fun we could have on a road trip when we drove up to New Hampshire and Maine for a long weekend. This was also the year I tried to kick myself back into shape. I started running more regularly and traveled to Erie, PA in the fall to run a half marathon with a friend. Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened to our families this year was when our nephew Parker was born in August and our niece Lucia was born in October! While it was a great year, I am eagerly looking forward to 2013 to see what new things it will bring! 

As I've done the last few years, I want to share with you my favorite dishes that Joel and I enjoyed throughout the months this year. What were your favorites?

JANUARY: Roast Beef, Arugula, & Shaved Parmesan Sandwich with Garlic Aioli. This simple sandwich was one Joel picked and we couldn't have been happier. We've enjoyed it many times throughout the course of the year.

Roast Beef sandwich

FEBRUARY: Vanilla Creme Brûlée for Two. We aren't much for celebrating Valentine's day. We opted to stay home and make a nice meal, complete with this dessert. We were both stunned by the results! 

Creme Brulee

MARCH: Butternut Squash Enchiladas. Dubbed "magic" enchiladas by my sister-in-law. I think that name says it all.

Magic Enchiladas

APRIL: Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Portobellos. You can't go wrong with a  giant, creamy, stuffed mushroom!

Spin art stuffed mushroom

MAY: French Macarons with Nutella Buttercream. What a fancy cookie. An intricate process, but totally worth it!


JUNE: Rajas Poblanas. Joel took the wheels and posted a series of guest posts, which he kicked off with this quick and delicious meal.

DSC 0057

JULY: Mocha Granola. I loved this, but Joel didn't really eat any. Bonus-the one and only picture of mine to be accepted to Tastespotting!

Mocha granola

AUGUST: Spiced Black Bean, Grilled Avocado, & Goat Cheese Tacos. A Pinterest find, and a very quick and easy meal.

Black bean vocado goat cheese tacos

SEPTEMBER: Grilled Garlic & Herb Bread. A concoction created entirely by Joel to use up some of our garden's herbs. We've enjoyed this many times since.

13405657 20174507 thumbnail

OCTOBER: Apple Cider Bread Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce. My first post for First on the First. What a delicious new group to be a part of!

Bread pudding

NOVEMBER: Ad Hock's Chicken Pot Pie. We've both developed a little foodie crush on Thomas Keller. Everything about this dish was amazing. We are looking forward to many more of his meals with our ever-growing TK cookbook collection!

13405657 20968720 thumbnail

DECEMBER: Momofuku Chicken & Egg. I enjoyed this at David Chang's restaurant in Toronto, and since have enjoyed it twice at home. Simple and delicious!

13405657 21193256 thumbnail