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Pineapple Jam

Pineapple jam

Today is Secret Recipe Club reveal day! SRC is such a great way to get to know bloggers from all over the world. Case in point, this month, I was assigned to Shirley’s blog, Enriching Your Kid. Shirley blogs from India! Even though she is half a world away form me geographically, it is so cool to be able to click a button and get to know her as if she was right next door! Shirley is a clinical psychologist turned stay at home mom of two children. I felt an instant connection when I saw that her son and my husband share a name! Shirley’s blog is filled with amazing dishes that have been passed down to her from her mom, as well as her own creations. There were several recipes that I was immediately drawn to, such as beetroot paratha, homemade paneer, and paneer burji, and I definitely will be revisiting those recipes soon to give them a try. While all of those were savory recipes, I had a hankering for something sweet this month, so I ultimately made this pineapple jam. A simple recipe of 3 ingredients makes for such a versatile jam that can be used in many ways. To me, it seemed to have the consistency of applesauce, and while I suppose you can eat it as is or use it on a sandwich as you would any other jam, I found that it makes a delicious topping for an ice cream sundae! I also stirred a bit into my morning oatmeal, along with sliced banana and mango. It was as delicious as it was easy! Shirley, thanks for such a delightful recipe! I look forward to giving many others a try, too! 

1 Pineapple, cut, cleaned, and cored
2/3 cup Sugar
3 Cardamom Pods, crushed

Chop the pineapple into small pieces and place them in a saucepan. Add the sugar and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes, stirring often. Cool the mixture and pour into a blender. Puree the mixture, then pour it back into the saucepan and place back over medium heat. Cook, stirring often, until it reaches the consistency of applesauce, about 10-15 minutes. Add the cardamom and remove from the heat. Allow the jam to cool before placing it in a covered container and putting it in the fridge. 

SOURCE: Enriching Your Kid


Reader Comments (18)

PINEAPPLE JAM!?!?1?! Sweet glory I need to make this. P.S. loved poking around your blog this month!

Yumm!! That does look like the perfect topping for some ice cream - or maybe some cottage cheese. :) Great pick for today's reveal!

This sounds delicious!! I think it would be so yummy with a baked ham!! Or maybe on top of a King's Hawaiian roll!! Mmmm!

I am so intrigued by this pineapple jam! It sounds amazing and could be used in countless ways! Thanks for sharing.

April 27, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterLynsey @Lynsey Lou's

I am all for the ice cream sundae option!! This does sound yummy! How about in a margarita? =)

April 27, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

I think this would be delcious along with grilled pork, especially if the pork had a nice spicy rub on it.

The ice cream sundae option sounds delicious but I think the oatmeal sounds even better! I got hooked on mixing in strawberry or blueberry yogurt into my oatmeal, but I never thought of doing jam!! Great pick :) And happy reveal day!

April 27, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSarah E

This sounds wonderful, and I love your idea of stirring some into your morning oatmeal. Yum! Great choice for this month's SRC!

Pineapple jam sounds amazing! Great SRC pick!

Oh yes, I can just imagine how good this would be over the top of some ice cream. Maybe even a great ingredient to use in a smoothie too.

Sorry for coming in late. Thank you for trying this jam. Simply love your combination with ice cream and oatmeal. Thanks for the kind words!

April 28, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterShirley

This would be awesome in a tropical oatmeal! What a perfectly sunny breakfast!

Happy Reveal Day~ I can think of so many things pineapple jam would be delicious on:) Lynn

Pineapple jam, wow! Never had it, sounds super tasty!

hope you had a nice Reveal Day, I am a little late saying hello this month, hard to do it while on a trip...

April 29, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSallyBR

I bet this taste great. It certainly sounds delicious. Great pick!!

April 29, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterEmily @ Life on Food

I love the addition of cardamom! Great choice.

Love this idea! And I know my husband would devour this jam in no time.

Cardamom is one of my favorite spices. I would LOVE this recipe, and am pinning it right now to make. Fabulous pick this month!!!

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