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Baked Kale Chips

Kale is something that is relatively new to me.  I know that I've had it once before while visiting some family out of state, but aside from that, I don't think I've ever cooked with it.  After deciding that we'd be making fish for dinner on Friday, we knew we needed a side dish.  Joel immediately knew he wanted to try his hand at making kale chips.  Except, he went out for happy hour and left me to do it myself.  I googled "kale chips" and saw this Smitten Kitchen recipe.  I chose to use this one because Deb has never steered me in the wrong direction in the past!  These were such a great alternative to the chips part of "fish and chips"!

1 bunch (6 ounces) Kale
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
Sea Salt, to taste
Black Pepper, to taste (I added)
Garlic Powder, to taste (I added)

Rinse and dry the kale and remove the stems and tough ribs.  Cut into large pieces and place in a bowl.  Toss the kale with the oil and seasonings.  Arrange the kale leaves in a single layer on a foil lined baking sheet (or 2).  Bake at 300 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until crisp.

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